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Check out my latest, greatest score!  In March 2004, I drove up to Nashville to hang out with Lynn Lee and Nash Bean.  We got some culture at the Frist Museum and the Parthenon, then we swung over to The Great Escape, a comic book and record store in near Vanderbilt University.  I dug through their back issues and I found first printings of The Tick #1, #2, and #3, all for really low prices, issue #3 was priced at only $2.25 for goodness sakes!

tick_no_1.JPG (79256 bytes)  tick_no_2.JPG (55188 bytes)  tick_no_3.JPG (79664 bytes)

The real surprise, however, was when I got home and checked out #3,... it was signed and dated by Ben Edlund (the writer/penciler/creator of The Tick) and Maxfield Banks (the inker) on page 1!  This is approximately five years before The Tick animated series on Fox aired.  See for your self...

Now, I'm no pro comics appraiser or anything, but I got the entire lot for around $13.00 total, and every place I look, first printings of the original Ticks go for around $20.00 each.  Add on to the fact that issue 3 is signed, and I figure I could get at least a $100.00 on eBay for the lot.  Just a guess.