Week of April 28th

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Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Writer: Kurt Busiek
Artists: Cary Nord
Colors: Dave Stewart

Conan #3, April 2004

Kurt Busiek and Cary Nord continue to impress me with their take on the nearly feral Conan of Cimmeria.  While travelling with the men of Aesir, a people who Conan first treated with ambivalence but now rides with in camaraderie, danger shows itself both from outside and within.  We also learn the history of the funny horned skull-cap Conan has been wearing for the first part of this story arc and it makes the last page rather poignant as the helmet is left behind after some Hyborian raiders konk Conan on the neck and drag him off for dinner.  First of all, I'm a Kurt Busiek fan... I think that he is the most skilled super hero writer producing comics right now and I loved his recent work on Avengers and Astro City.  But aside from that, I am very pleased with the painted artwork inside the comic, which is a departure from the usual pen/ink/color combination, and the fact that it's an ancient fantasy story, which is also a departure from my core super-hero reading.  I also like the fact that it's a Dark Horse comic, which once again is a departure from my normal Marvel and DC pull list.  It's departure-iffic!!  You should go pick up a copy at your local comic book store.