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Waiting my turn....

My turn!!!

mmmm... I'll two please...

Hi I am Lucinda the cat.

I am the newest member of the Phillips' cat clan. I
am the smallest but I tend to rule this place!! I joined this family when mom
and dad came into my previous residence to just "look around."  Suckers... I
used to live at a great place called the "House of Mews", located in mid-town
Memphis. I was minding my own business and sleeping in a basket by the
counter, when mom stood there and started petting me.  Dad and Mom started
asking questions about the kitties and then asked about me!! Anyway the nice
lady at the "House of Mews" told them I had been there over four years!
That's all it took. The next thing I know I was placed in a box and taken to my
new home.

I hid in mom's office for a while and was quite shy at first, but
soon enough I was marching myself around for all the other cats to see!
Eventually I took over this joint! I am of superior intelligence and can open
locks, drawers, cabinets and Tupperware! Especially if it smells like there
might be food inside!

I like to keep to myself but of all the other cats
around here I prefer Sunday. 

I like to sleep in dark warm places, for
example, in the quilt rack or even on the satellite receiver on top of the

I might be small but I am smart, fast and definitely a leader!