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Napping with daddy

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Hi my name is Pop-tart or affectionately known as “Sway Belly” (Thanks, Uncle Steve!).  I was the first kitty to join the Seagrave-Phillips family. I originally lived in the garage of one of mommy’s past employees. Most of my brothers and sisters were being run over by cars and stuff but I was rescued from this horrid outcome because daddy agreed that I could come to live with them. 

I was soooooo cute when they first got me…. Little did they know that I was one genetic strain from a “wild” cat!!!! 

I used to sleep on daddy’s chest when I was little. By the way I was so tiny I could fit in a Krystal burger box! 

Awww, isn’t that cute. 

Yes, I am a little egotistical but aren’t cats supposed to be, I mean please what other pet can wrap an owner around it’s paw? They clean up our litter boxes, give us tons of toys, catnip, cat trees, and we can tear up their furniture and they don’t mind…because we are so cute!! Hehehehe…  Anyway I grew up fast and then the other kitties eventually joined our family.  


I kind of like Screech, Nessa and Nora but I don’t want to be left alone with Lucinda and Sunday steals my food!  Now your probably wondering were “Sway Belly” comes in… “Uncle” Steve bought me my very own special food bowl and it says sway belly on it. After my surgery to ensure I didn’t have and babies of my own my belly became a little saggy. I keep asking mommy for a tummy tuck but she said if anyone was getting one of those it was her! Selfish!  Anyway that is where that nickname came from. I really like “Uncle” Steve.  He watches us sometimes and gives us catnip bubbles and fun fishing poles to jump at and chase. He’s pretty cool!  

I may be plump but I am Beautiful!!!! I should be a Plus size super model!!! Hey, “Mr. DeMille I’m ready for my close-up!” Meow!!!