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New Pictures of Screech:

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Backyard T.V

See I can jump onto a pile of laundry without knocking it over!! What balance!

Helllooo…My name is Screech

 I am a Halloween cat. I came up to my “grandpa” on Halloween when he was outside doling out candy to Trick or Treaters.

 My meow was a loud screech considering I was only a kitten of about 6 weeks. I was fed some goodies and some water and I adopted “grandpa”. I have a very strange and long meow.

I came to live with mommy awhile back with my sister Sunday. We were just supposed to be here for kitty “summer camp” but we liked it so much we decided to stay!!

 I am a loving cat, but on my terms and will tell you all about it….  Daddy always tries to get me to talk by feeding me last because I really get loud then. 

I love to sleep in boxes, eat and play. Oh and if there is an open door to the outside or to the food pantry I am on it quicker than you could blink!! He He…. Well that’s about it..MMMMEEEEEOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!