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 Our sweet little angel "Skittles" passed away from complications related to insulinoma and an adrenal gland tumor on May 21, 2004.   Her sister "Jewels" passed away from the same cancer in November of last year. This is a common disease in older ferrets. They were deeply loved and will be greatly missed.  


A ferret,  a little domestic beast of prey; I am related to
the mink, the polecat, the ermine and the weasel. My Uncle Alan gave me to
mommy for her birthday years ago.

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They had the hardest time trying to pick
out a name for me, then mommy saw a bag of skittles and they agreed on it for
my name.  I am very fun, loving and energetic. I love to chase balloons,
tunnel into shoes and any other space that might look fun.

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I can get into
small areas where it doesn't seem possible that I would fit, because I am
very flexible.  I love dry fruit and yogurt chips for snacks and I like
sleeping in a blanket to keep warm. 

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I had a sister, Jewels, but she passed
away in November of 2003. I miss her very much. The life expectancy for
ferrets is usually 5-8 years and I am approximately 9 so I am an old woman. 

I make an "errk-ing" sound when I get excited and I like to swim.

I am very
nice and pleasant but get irritated when those darned cats climb on top of my
cage.  They have the whole house to roam and they got to invade my
space..Pssssh!  Typical egotistical beings, anyway I am very loved and enjoy
giving kisses.