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New Sunday Pictures

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Sleepy time...

Oh.. yeah a new box to sleep in!!! I like this new box zzzzz.... car 54 where are you?

My name is George. …no...Julia….no Sunny  I Mean…Sunday.  Sorry my other personalities were trying to talk here.

What is my history…

Well, I was outside the church fellowship hall of my “grandpa’s” church after services on a Sunday. I was a real pitiful mess, all droopy skin and bone; matted hair and both of my eyes were infected. “Grandpa” took me in, fed me, gave me some water and the next day took me to the vet. I almost didn't make it…. But, after a couple of weeks of
TLC from good ole’ “grandpa”, I rallied.

I am very affectionate and man I can talk…No I can meOh shut up!!!! I am talking here….


Oooo did you hear that? What. That!..

Anyway I am what they call… schizophrenic.  I hear voices and have several personalities but lovable just the same.

I like to curl up in laps and can sleep just about anywhere!!! Oh man can I jabber and talk away!!…….Ooo got to go “they’ are after us,..I mean  me… oh whatever…