RUSH  30th Anniversary Tour

May 26th, 2004 - Nashville, Tennessee

Shawn Fowler, Hal Phillips, Kimberly Phillips, Sam Phillips, Doug Truex, Steven Turman, Mike Wild

Set I
70's Overture
Finding My way - (RUSH)
Anthem - (Fly By Night)
Bastille day - (Caress Of Steel)
Passage to Bangkok - (2112)
Hemispheres - (Hemispheres)

The Spirit Of Radio - (Permanent Waves)
Force Ten - (Hold Your Fire)
Animate - (Counterparts)
Subdivisions - (Signals)
Earthshine - (Vapor Trails)
Red Barchetta - (Moving Pictures)
Roll The Bones - (Roll The Bones)
Bravado - (Roll The Bones)
YYZ - (Moving Pictures)
The Trees - (Hemispheres)
The Seeker - (Feedback)
One Little Victory - (Vapor Trails)

Set II
Tom Sawyer - (Moving Pictures)
Dreamline - (Roll The Bones)
Secret Touch - (Vapor Trails)
Between The Wheels - (Grace Under Pressure)
Mystic Rhythms - (Power Windows)
Red Sector A - (Grace Under Pressure)
Drum Solo
Resist (Acoustic) - (Test For Echo/Rush In Rio)
Heart Full Of Soul (Acoustic) - (Feedback)
2112 {Overture, Temple, Finale} - (2112)
La Villa Strangiato - (Hemispheres)
By-Tor & the Snow Dog - (Fly By Night)
Xanadu - (Farewell To Kings)
Working Man - (RUSH)

Summertime Blues - (Feedback)
Crossroads - (Feedback)
Limelight - (Moving Pictures)