Home Up


I've recently gotten back into model building as a hobby.  Given my love of comic book collecting, I figured that this was the next logical step in my regression back into a twelve year old boy.  ;-)  Anyway, to start off my new/old activity I picked the classic 240z, a Revell which was conveniently sold at Wal-Mart.  As you can see, I'm not quite done with it.  I still have to install the hood, glass, and lights, but I have to say that for a first effort in twenty years it has turned out pretty decent!  

My first real car was a 1977 280z which is very similar in body to the 240z, but since it wasn't a "classic car" in collector circles, there were no models of it that I could find. 

I've learned more about technique while making this model than I ever did as a kid, especially details requiring a tiny brush.  I used to be happy if it was SOME color other than the matte white of the plastic.  Once, I screwed up a paint job on a Porsche 959 so bad that I ended up melting it into a demolition derby car instead of finishing it correctly.

 After I finish this one, I'm planning on doing a series of military machines, starting with a tank, then a helicopter, then finally a plane.