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Thursday, April 29th 2004 09:30PM

I added a new inch to my little corner of the internet, the Models section.  Check it out and see what I'm working on in my spare time, although with the front and back yard grass taking off the way it is... it may be a little while before I pull the ol' card table back out and get to gluing.  I also cleaned up several of the Uber Links.  In other news, I'm gearing up for the big RUSH concert in Nashville by declaring May "RUSH ONLY" month.   That's right, except for NPR in the morning, I'm going listen to all of my Rush albums... and I do have all of them... exclusively until the big show on May 26th!  I'm doing this so that I'll be able to fully enjoy every beat of the show because 1) I'll be expecting it and 2) if they change it up even slightly, I'll know.  Call me a freak, but that's what I'm doing!

Wednesday, April 28th 2004 09:00PM

Man, these days it's hard to beat a Wednesday.  Work was pleasant and I collected a bumper crop of comics, even more than I expected.  My pick of the week is Conan #3, listed to the right (click it for details).  I'm a big fan of super-hero comics and this title is a bit of a departure from my comic tastes, however I grew up on D&D and fantasy movies so this isn't a stretch.  Add in that it's being written by one of my favorite super-hero writers, Kurt Busiek of Avengers and Astro City, loving this title is a no-brainer.  On-top of all that, Kimberly made a lovely vegetarian dinner and we watched a new episode of That 70's Show in which Brooke Shields revealed herself to Red and Hyde.  Sweet.  John Stevens got booted off American Idol, and I was sad to see him go.  I thought he was a lousy singer, but man... that takes guts to do what he did week after week.  Kimberly and I think he would be a good Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz or something.

Tuesday, April 27th 2004 10:00PM

Pretty laid back day at work today, nothing exploded... which was nice.  I'm chompin' at the bit for a comic run tomorrow.  In case you don't know, Wednesday is the day that new comics come out and it looks like I've got a good crop coming in; Conan, Batman, Superman (new ish with Jim Lee on pencils), Catwoman, Avengers vs Thunderbolts, Ultimate Six.... hmm... kind of a heavy super-hero week.  Normally, I have a decent mix of non-tights titles like Fables and Y The Last Man to round it out.  American Idol was weird tonight.  Everyone was singing these really complicated Gloria Estefan fast Latin pop songs, and generally everybody sucked.  Somebody said that John Stevens goes with Latin Music like chocolate ice cream goes with onions.  Pretty Funny.  He'll be the one that gets cut, but then again I've been predicting that for weeks and been wrong again and again.